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Connecting monetary justice with the global South's climate struggles

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Connecting monetary justice with global South climate efforts.

On August 1 Pablo Solon, former UN Mission representative  of Bolivia and presently executive director at Focus on the Global South, summarized a longer statement into a Facebook post at , calling for an open meeting on August 31 during the UNFCCC meeting in Bangkok

. The post states: Asia Social Movements call for an open meeting in Bangkok to strengthen the struggles, addressing Climate Change.

Humans and nature are under attack. The endless growth model has pushed the planet to its limits. Governments are making people pay for the excesses of banks and transnational corporations through more and more severe austerity measures. There are now 1 billion people living in hunger. There are now climate migrants and refugees. Already, we are witnessing a war over who controls the remaining resources on the planet – land, water, forests, and, biodiversity. As the earth becomes hotter and the system continues to implode, things will only get worse. We need to act and act swiftly if we are to avoid this impending disaster. We need regain our momentum and defeat the system by targeting the source. We need to unify our different struggles if we want to succeed in our fight for our future.

I responded on August 3: Unifying different struggles into a movement is essential in these carbon-constrained times that also labor under wide spread hunger and unemployment. What is a necessary, not sufficient condition is agreement on an organizing principle for integrated global governance. The recently published The Tierra Solution: Resolving the Climate Crisis through Monetary Transformation in its chapter six argues for monetary justice as such guiding principle. Its concept not only includes social, ecological, procedural and intergenerational justice, but the monetary justice of a carbon-based international monetary system. That Tierra system presents an integrated conceptual, institutional and strategic proposal based upon the transformation of the world’s most basic system that as glue binds together monetary, financial, economic and commercial systems and that as lubricant makes them operate smoothly.