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Announcement of the Tierra Solution and a solid statement of support

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Announcement of a new book that is most relevant to the upcoming Rio Earth Summit next month. It presents one of the very few proposals for an integrated global governance system where the three pillars of sustainable development are woven together by basing the international monetary system on a carbon standard, thus combating the climate crisis and advancing low carbon and climate-resilient development. The book proposes to have monetary justice in its regular and transformational sense become the guiding principle of such integrated institutional framework for sustainable communities development. For more information, see and for action before the Earth Summit see    


The Tierra Solution: Resolving Climate Change Through Monetary Transformation

Cosimo Books, May 2012

Economics & Environment, ISBN: 978-1-61640-688-2

Paperback, pp.374, $19.99 / £14.99 / €16.49 / A$27.49, coordinator of The economics of sustainable development dialogue space in the  responded to my post in then Forum topic Monetary justice as guiding principle for integrated global governance   “I wholly agree: the transformational potential of money is huge. It is specifically these initiatives which ally the financial with the environmental that I believe have the greatest possibility of changing the global paradigm.

What are your thoughts on changing GDP to another KPI? Would this be linked to carbon p/person; other indicators inclusive of natural capital?"