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Need foran integrated global taxation system

Post By gaia1 in Economic crisis


The need for an effective/just/integrated international taxation system

This blog post reflects the comment I made to the New York Times May 21, 2003  article entitled Apple’s Web of Tax Shelters Saved It Billions, Panel Finds.


“The tax policies of Apple and other multinationals show how the international taxation system does not work for the common good. Apple, Inc and others even believe that their subsidiaries are beyond the reach of any taxing authority. Thus they are able, legally, to avoid their fair share of taxes.

The loopholes in the American corporate tax code cannot be closed without considering its international dimension, i.e. the international taxation system.

Though Apple asserts that it welcomes “an objective examination of the U.S. corporate tax system, which has not kept pace with the advent of the digital age and the rapidly changing global economy”, it does not advocate an international tax overhaul where it would be subject to national taxing authorities.

Any international taxation system cannot be separated from its nexus with the global financial and monetary systems. An integrated policy has to be developed based upon the integrated social and ecological forms of justice. A proposal for such policy is made by basing it on carbon-based international monetary system as described in The Tierra Solution: Resolving the Climate Crisis through Monetary Transformation .”