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The manana bankers and the TSN

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Friday, August 03, 2012

Today’s top editorial in the New York Times calls Mr. Draghi and Mr. Bernanke manana bankers because they fail to action in Europe and the USA letting the entire global economy “slow” in its already precarious condition.

Why are they not taking action?  Are they waiting for slower growth, higher unemployment and lower output before they are using their statutory powers to intervene? Those are possible minor reasons for their taking no action. One of the main reasons is the lack of political resolve on the part of the political establishment in both jurisdictions that would result in proper fiscal policies and necessary structural reform.

There is also another reason why both European and American manana bankers and their politicians are not taking the necessary monetary, fiscal and economic actions. They do not have an integrated view of the future expressed in a conceptual, institutional and strategic plan of an integrated global governance system. Such plan or approach would inspire them to look beyond their own regions’ problems and challenges and focus on global solutions because their problems and challenges are an integral part of the globalized world of today. Even if the manana bankers were to come up with some additional stimulus measures and improve their regions’ economies somewhat, such regional progress would often not redound into global wellbeing of all nations. It is only through the creation of global governance institutions that integrate the social, economic and ecological (particularly the climatological) dimensions of development and climate challenges that real progress and wellbeing can be accomplished for all. It is to accomplishment of that challenge that The Tierra Solution is offered as one of the presently very few integrated global governance proposals.