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Deep rethinking needed

Post By gaia1 in European Union

 Deep Rethinking Needed

April 2, 2013


David Jolly in the NYTimes of April 2, 2013 entitled “Unemployment in Euro Zone Reaches a Record High” cites a lot of statistics showing the dire economic situation in both Euro and other European countries. The sad thing is that the future does not seem to bring realistic improvement in the millions unemployed because of non-working austerity policies.


Though in the short term those European economies can improved by stimulation as opposed to austerity, in the medium and especially in the long term, serious deep rethinking is needed.


Such rethinking should start with some agreement about a basic values framework that would undergird such thinking. A new monetary, financial, economic and commercial edifice cannot be built on the loose sand of unclarified and vague values.


It is such value frame work of sustainable communities in the global North and South that is presented in 20012 The Tierra Solution proposal. Its value system is a, not necessarily the, value system that would respond to the needs of the global monetary, financial, economic and commercial systems.


A second element beside an explicit value framework for the deep rethinking that is needed is the need for the integration of these global systems, a challenge that was lifted up during the June Rio Earth Summit. The Tierra Solution provides such integration by transforming the world’s most basic system of monetary management. This transformation takes place by basing the international monetary system on a carbon standard, i.e. a very specific tonnage of CO2e per person.