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The carbon monetary standard in an anchorless world

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 The carbon monetary standard for an anchorless world.


On September 12, 2013 NYTimes Op-ED columnist Roger Cohen presented his views of “An Anchorless World” focusing on the unsteady hand of the Obama Administration during the Syria Crisis. He goes back to 1945 when the US was the steady hand after WW II and set up a world order around the U.S. dollar and the US economy. Having noted the steady decline of the world order, he, a German friend and John Kornblum, the former U.S. ambassador to Germany commiserate together about the anchorless world without a vision of an alternative world order. I submitted the following comments (probably #199):


From an anchorless world to a world with a monetary carbon anchor is a huge challenge that humanity has to discuss if we want to avoid a climate catastrophe. We need an integrated vision that would deal with the climate, economic, political and monetary challenges simultaneously. We need such vision, because dealing with one or two major issues separately and disjointedly often creates other, unforeseen, problems.

By discussing and developing the challenge of carbon-based international monetary system we are dealing simultaneously with the climate crisis and the unsustainable patterns of economic, financial and commercial global systems. Changing, i.e. transforming the international monetary system which acts glue of those systems, changes and transforms the monetary, financial, economic and commercial systems. Details of this carbon-based international monetary system, which is the necessary but not sufficient condition in removing the present anchorless world, can be found in the recently published Tierra Solution proposal which presents the conceptual, institutional and strategic dimensions of such new world order.